Exchange Rates in RMB Aug
Exchange Rates in RMB  Oct 23  2019
100 units of foreign currencies
USD 706.68 HKD 90.11
EUR 788.02 JPY 6.5055
GBP 916.27 AUD 485.36



About Us

Since being established in 1992, Antaike has built a reputation for its authoritative, strategic, and in-depth analysis of the Chinese metals industries and markets. It also provides news, trade and production data, prices and forecast.

Working under China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association(CNIA) and directly overseen by the Information Center of China National Nonferrous Metals Industry, Antaike has become a key center for information collection and delivery within the country and across the world.

Antaike has a team of nearly 150 highly skilled employees, including more than 50 senior metals analysts, who have all been involved in the metals and mining industry for over a decade. It offers customized consulting assignments to deliver high quality and specialized advice and business intelligence.

Antaike has built up good relationship with thousands of Chinese miners, smelters, refineries, fabricators, metals consumers and traders, as well as Chinese government departments. At the same time, it has been working with a large number of international metals and mining corporations, associated organizations and research institutes. It has more than 10,000 clients, both in China and abroad.

Antaike's metal events have been attracting more and more attendees in recent years. They have become the biggest and most informative gatherings in China and even the world, with their focus on specific metals such as copper, aluminum, lead and zinc, nickel and cobalt, gold and silver, indium, and others.

Antaike's motto is to supply the best services to our clients and to use our information to create business value.

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Address: 2nd Floor, 12B Fuxing Road
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Beijing, 100814