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Sichuan earthquake won't affect lead and zinc production and environmental protection will be stricter

2017-08-16 06:19:21


A 7 magnitude earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou county, Sichuan province on August 8th, and Antaike makes an investigation on lead and zinc companies around there.


Sichuan’s lead and zinc production centers at Yaan city, Ganzi region and Liangshan region, which are all over 400km away from the earthquake point, and enterprises there express they are in normal production.


Another two places where lead and zinc mines and refineries are centered, Gansu Longnan city, around 100km away from the earthquake region, and Shaanxi Hanzhong city, over 200km away from Jiuzhaigou, also aren’t affected by the earthquake.


It is reported that the fifth central environmental protection inspection team has stationed in Sichuan Province on August 7th. Enterprises there expressed that mines and refineries were actively dealing with environmental inspection and 60% lead and zinc mines are in maintenance, which will last for one month. It is estimated that lead and zinc concentrates supply in Sichuan province will shrink during August-September. Sihuan Zinc & Germanium Technology’s refineries also plan to take maintenance in August.


Affected by environmental protection regulation, some zinc refineries processing secondary materials in Shimian county and Hanyuan county may be influenced.