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Academician Mr. Pan Fusheng visited Wansheng Economy & Development Zone

2018-01-08 06:18:54

Mr. Pan Fusheng, Academician of China Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Magnesium Alloys (CCMg) visited Wansheng Economy & Devlopment Zone of Chongqing City recently.


As the academician of Wansheng Economy & Devlopment Zone, he indicated that he was engaging in promoting the development of magnesium industry in Wansheng and willing to provide further support on technology and development of Wansheng. Furthermore, he will promote industrialization of research results and cultivate strategic innovation industry by means of attracting talents, R & D institutions and investments. He also indicated that Chinese government plays high importance on the development of magnesium and magnesium alloy industry, so the potential of magnesium industry in Wansheng is huge.


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