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Chinese Zinc Industry Development Report

Chinese Zinc Industry Development Situation & Outlook in 2018-2025


Chapter 1 Preface

1.1 Development History of China Zinc Industry

1.2 International Status of China Zinc Industry

1.3 Significance of This Report


Chapter 2 Chinese Zinc Mineral Resources Distribution and Development Prospects

2.1 Chinese Zinc Mineral Resources Reserves

2.2 Resources Areal Distribution and Characteristics

2.3 Introduction of Major Zinc Deposits

2.4 Zinc Resources Development Emphasis in the Future


Chapter 3 Chinese Zinc Concentrates Production Situation and Development Trend

3.1 Chinese Zinc Mining Investment Overview

3.2 Zinc Concentrates Production of Major Provinces

3.3 Introduction of Major Mining Enterprises

3.4 Zinc Mining Technologies and Cost Analysis

3.5 New Mine Projects and Capacity Change

3.6 Zinc Concentrates Production Development Trend


Chapter 4 Chinese Zinc Smelting Production Situation and Development Trend

4.1 Chinese Zinc Smelting Investment Overview

4.2 Zinc Smelting Technologies and Capacity Distribution

4.3 Areal Distribution on Refined Zinc Production

4.4 Introduction of Major Smelting Enterprises

4.5 Smelters’ Raw Material Composition

4.6 Zinc Smelting Cost Analysis

4.7 New Zinc Smelting Projects and Capacity Change

4.8 Refined Zinc Production Development Trend


Chapter 5 Chinese Zinc Concentrates Market Balance and Price Analysis

7.1 Zinc Concentrates Trade Situation and Development Trend

7.2 Zinc Concentrates Balance and Development Trend

7.3 Zinc Concentrates TC Valuation Models

7.4 TC Trend and Forecast


Chapter 6 Chinese Zinc Consumption Situation and Development Trend

6.1 Zinc Consumption Situation

6.2 Per Capita Zinc Consumption Analysis

6.3 Relationship of Consumption and National Economy

6.4 Major Fields of Initial Consumption

      6.4.1 Galvanization

      6.4.2 Zinc Die-cast Alloy

      6.4.3 Brass

      6.4.4 Zinc Oxide

6.5 Major Fields of Final Consumption

      6.5.1 Infrastructure

      6.5.2 Communication and Transportation

      6.5.3 Household Appliances

      6.5.4 Construction

      6.5.5 Light Industry

6.6 Forecast on Consumption and Structure Change


Chapter 7 Chinese Zinc Trade Situation and Development Trend

7.1 Refined Zinc Trade

7.2 Zinc Alloy Trade

7.3 Other Zinc Products Trade


Chapter 8 Chinese Zinc Market Balance and Price Analysis

8.1 Zinc Market Inventory

8.2 Zinc Balance and Development Trend

8.3 Zinc Price and Premium


Chapter 9 Chinese Zinc Industry Policies

9.1 Access Policy

9.2 Trade Policy

9.3 Investment Policy

9.4 Environmental Protection, Transportation and Other Policies


Chapter 10 Basic Information and Development Strategy of Chinese Major Zinc Companies

10.1 Listed Company

China Minmetals Corporation

Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Co.,Ltd.

Yunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co.,Ltd.

China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.

MCC Huludao Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd.

Western Mining Group Co., Ltd.

Chengtun Mining Group Co., Ltd

Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd.

Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Group Co., Ltd.

Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

Yintai Resources Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Luoping Zinc & Electricity Co., Ltd.

Tibet Summit Resources Co., Ltd.

Shengda Mining Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Hongda Co., Ltd.

10.2 Non-listed Company

Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Dongling Group

Guangxi Hechi Nanfang Non-ferrous Metals Group

Inner Mongolia Copper & Zinc Smelting Company

Yunnan Xiangyun Feilong Recycling Technology Co., Ltd


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