Exchange Rates in RMB Aug
Exchange Rates in RMB  Oct 23  2019
100 units of foreign currencies
USD 706.68 HKD 90.11
EUR 788.02 JPY 6.5055
GBP 916.27 AUD 485.36



Antaike Research

Aluminum (Click here to get the detailed news)

1. The adjustment of alumina industrial structure is accelerated, and the pattern of production and demand will change basically

2. Steady progress has been made in overseas projects, and substantial progress has been made in development of resources and construction of supporting facilities

3. Environmental policies have been further improved, and the requirements for differentiation and precision management have been raise

4. The replacement of aluminum smelting capacity was carried out in an orderly manner, and the industrial structure and regional layout were further optimized

5. Primary aluminum production accidents happen frequently, and safety production is a long way to go

6. Production cost of primary aluminum has decreased significantly and the profit level has reached a new high in recent years

7. Aluminum consumption approaching peak, sees negative growth for the first time

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3. Adjustment of import tariff of some nickel-cobalt stainless steel products
4. Enterprises plan production expansion, global cobalt capacity surge
    Silver Age: set up subsidiary in Congo-Kinshasa to expand cobalt resources business and obtains mining right  
    Hezone Technology: confirms resources of slag copper-cobalt ores 
    SINOMINE Resource: takes over copper-cobalt project
    CNMC invests in construction of a copper-cobalt mine project in Congo-Kinshasa
    Chengtun Mining: 1.2 billion yuan acquisition of KLX, 70 million yuan in Congo (Kinshasa) cobalt mine
    Zijin Mining: a copper mine in Congo (Kinshasa) may have an annual output of 2,400t of cobalt metal   
    GEM: subordinated company signs a new SX-EW nickel-cobalt project, Indonesia   
    Huayou Cobalt: established Huayue Nickel Ccobalt (Indonesia) Co., Ltd
    Pengxin International Mining: PhaseI of the 7,000tpa cobalt hydroxide production line completed
    Jinchuan group, Huanghe Hydropower Development and Bureau of Geological Exploration & Development of Qinghai Provincial jointly develop the second largest nickel cobalt sulfide mine in China
    Huachin Metal Leach: the new capacity of 2,000tpa of cobalt hydroxide expected to be put into production in 2019
    Tengyuan Cobalt: 3,000tpa of cobalt hydroxide capacity completed in mid-2018
    Dowstone Technology: 2,000tpa of cobalt hydroxide put into production
5. Enterprises start or increase input of power battery material
    The cathode material project of LG Chem and a joint venture of Huayou Cobalt settled in Wuxi
    SRBG jointly invests 800 million yuan in cathode materials and precursor project
    Fengyuan Chemical is building a NCM material project with an annual output of 5,000t
    Hanrui Cobalt becomes a shareholder of Farasis Technology with180 million shares  
    The subsidiary company of GEM plans a power battery NCM cathode project invested 1.85 billion yuan
    Huayou Cobalt and POSCO of Korea jointly build a 30,000tpa cathode material project  
    New material project of MCC Ruimu New Energy Technology put into operation
    Changyuan LICO: 20,000tpa of automotive lithium cathode materials and 10,000tpa of NCM precursor projects put into production


1. Ministry of Land and Resources announced the trial exploitation & utilization standards of magnesium mineral resources
2. The products of magnesium alloy wheel hub of Dowell Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the entry examination of European market, indicating a great market breakthrough
3. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology made several field trips for magnesium industry in Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province during this year
4. A breakthrough has been made in the technology of high-performance magnesium alloy for fully degradable bone repair
5. RSM has transferred 8% company shares to Baosteel Metals with the value of RMB 363 million yuan
6. Rolling equipments for wide-width magnesium alloy plate has been put into the national guidance catalogue for promotion and application (2017 edition)
7. Ministry of Finance raised the export-tax rebate rates of Mg-based composite products
8. On September 15 Hebi City Magensium Exchange Center opened for business
9. The 21st annual meeting of China Magnesium Association was held in Fugu County of Shaanxi Province

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