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Nickel cathode output of a Cu & Ni producer in western China to cut by 20% in February

2020-02-15 13:07:30

Beijing, February 15(Antaike)-Affected by the spread of the outbreak, many enterprises delayed to return to work, especially sulfuric acid and other dangerous and chemical products were confronted with transportation bottleneck, which led to relatively high pressure of swell-warehouse of sulfuric acid at a Cu & Ni producer in western China. So far its Cu & Ni pyrometallurgical refining system has reduced production and it is expected that nickel cathode output will drop by 20% to 10kt in February while the impact on copper produciton will be even greater.

The company plans to produce about 145kt of nickel cathode in 2020, with a gain of 3.6% y-o-y.




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