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Overview of Antaike's first online live aluminum conference

2020-02-19 15:28:12

Overview of Antaike’s first online live aluminum conference

Beijing, February 19 (Antaike)- The Antaike Nonferrous Metals Market Network Conference was held online at Tencent Meeting and Wind 3C China Financial Conference on February 18. The first online live meeting of Antaike has obtained the customer's strong support and recognition with more than 1,100 peoples on both the two platforms watching the meeting online.

The aluminum report was presented by Ms. Wang Hongfei, the manager of Antaike Aluminum Department. The overview of the report is as follows:

The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic hit the whole industrial market with aluminum prices falling significantly after the Spring Festival holiday At present, domestic aluminum supply continues to grow and the consumption is still weak. At the same time, the production cost of domestic aluminum smelters increases slowly, and thus the profitability of the aluminum smelting industry drops. In the short term, the limited transportation caused by the epidemic has a great impact on all links of the aluminum industry chain, while the slow recovery of bauxite and aluminum downstream has also respectively influenced alumina production and aluminum ingots sales. The periodic supply surplus is more prominent on domestic aluminum market at present in view of the rising visible aluminum stocks together with a large amount of invisible inventory, which apply downward pressure on aluminum price.

(Reporting by Huang Wei (Michael Huang), analyst working at Aluminum Department of Antaike, phone: +86-10-63978092, ext. 8093. If you have any queries about customer service, please contact Li Yuan via Email: or phone: +86-10-62560921)