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Yearbook of China's Zinc Industry 2019

Yearbook of China’s Zinc Industry 2019

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Table of Contents

1. Industrial characteristics and highlights

1.1  Industrial characteristics of zinc in 2019

1.1.1 Global mine output increment drives high TC

1.1.2 Production bottleneck of smelters is eased and refined zinc output rises significantly

1.1.3 Consumption is better than expected and low inventory will change the industry

1.1.4 Zinc ingot market is in surplus in Q4

1.1.5 Market is in high consistent and price represents a upward-downward trend

1.2 2020 highlight

1.2.1 Macro economy and zinc demand trend

1.2.2 China’s secondary zinc output growth

1.2.3 Change of China’s zinc alloy output

1.2.4 TC in 2020

2. Zinc concentrate

2.1 China’s raw materials supply

2.1.1 China’s zinc concentrate increment depends on mines under production

2.1.2 Operation of newly built mines is lower than expected

2.1.3 Analysis and forecast of China’s zinc concentrate demand

2.2 TC

2.2.1 Long term base TC increases dramatically

2.2.2 Domestic TC hits historical high

2.2.3 Spot TC trend during 2020-2021

3. Zinc metal

3.1 China’s refined zinc production

3.1.1 Refining capacity keeps rising with adjusted structure

3.1.2 Refined zinc output hit new high

3.1.3 Refineries’ zinc alloy capacity keeps rising

3.1.4 Improvement of secondary zinc raw material supply and environment

3.2 China’s refined zinc consumption

3.2.1 Primary consumption fields diversify

3.2.2 End user demand grows slowly

3.2.3 Zinc consumption is expected to rise moderately in 2020

3.3 Inventory

3.4 Zinc price review in past three years

3.5 Refined zinc market balance

4. Trade

4.1 China’s total zinc trade

4.2 Trade by different products

4.2.1 Zinc concentrate import continues to rise in 2019

4.2.2 Refined zinc import shrinks sharply

4.2.3 China’s zinc alloy import stays stable during 2016-2018

4.2.4 China’s import and export of galvanized plate

5. Forecast

5.1 Global economy recovers mildly but is still fragile

5.2 Supply will rise smoothly under the high TC

5.3 Consumption can be expected

5.4 Prices move down to test the cost support