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Yearbook of China's Lead Industry 2019

Yearbook of China’s Lead Industry 2019

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Table of Contents



1. Industrial characteristics and highlights

1.1 Industrial characteristics of zinc in 2019

1.1.1 Lead concentrate supply is loose

1.1.2 Primary lead production shrinks and refined lead output increases moderately

1.1.3 Refined lead market is in continuous surplus

1.2 Highlight in 2020

1.2.1 Implementation progress of LAB producer responsibility extension system

1.2.2 Price trend of gold and silver and primary lead production


2. Raw materials

2.1 China’s raw materials supply

2.1.1 China’s lead concentrate output keeps falling

2.1.2 Concentrate rate of mines increases further

2.1.3 Lead ore output will rebound to some extent with the operation of new projects

2.1.4 Analysis and forecast of China’s lead concentrate balance

2.2 TC

2.2.1 TC has increased

2.2.2 TC will stay at high level


3. Lead metal

3.1 China’s refine lead production

3.1.1 China’s primary lead capacity shrinks

3.1.2 China’s secondary lead capacity continues to expand

3.1.3 Proportion of secondary lead output keeps rising

3.1.4 China’s major lead smelters lift lead output steadily

3.2 China’s refined lead consumption

3.2.1 China’s refined lead consumption falls

3.2.2 Analysis of primary consuming fields

3.2.3 Analysis of end user fields

3.3 Analysis and forecast of China’s refined lead balance

3.3.1 Growth rate of secondary lead output exceeds primary lead output

3.3.2 China’s refined lead consumption trend

3.3.3 China’s refined lead supply will be in surplus

3.4 Price review

3.5 Refined lead inventory

4. Trade

4.1 China’s lead trade

4.1.1 China’s lead concentrate trade during 2017-2019

4.1.2 China’s refined lead trade during 2017-2019

4.1.3 China’s other lead products trade during 2017-2019

5. Forecast

5.1 Raw material supply is loose and smelters’ profit continue to improve

5.2 End user consumption is hard to grow rapidly, export can be expected

5.3 Supply will dominate market under the current falling lead price