Exchange Rates in RMB Aug
Exchange Rates in RMB  Oct 23  2019
100 units of foreign currencies
USD 706.68 HKD 90.11
EUR 788.02 JPY 6.5055
GBP 916.27 AUD 485.36



Antaike Research

Aluminum (Click here to get the detailed news)

1. The adjustment of alumina industrial structure is accelerated, and the pattern of production and demand will change basically

2. Steady progress has been made in overseas projects, and substantial progress has been made in development of resources and construction of supporting facilities

3. Environmental policies have been further improved, and the requirements for differentiation and precision management have been raised

4. The replacement of aluminum smelting capacity was carried out in an orderly manner, and the industrial structure and regional layout were further optimized

5. Primary aluminum production accidents happen frequently, and safety production is a long way to go

6. Production cost of primary aluminum has decreased significantly and the profit level has reached a new high in recent years

7. Aluminum consumption approaching peak, sees negative growth for the first time


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1. JCCL completes a number of major mergers and acquisitions to seek greater development

2. Zijin mining started 8 billion yuan of additional shares to promote overseas expansion

3. CNMC’s two large projects in DRC completed and in operation

4. TNMG’s Mirador project completed and in operation

5. Several large domestic copper smelting projects put into operation

6. The new edition of Specification for Copper Smelting Industry was officially issued

7. JCCL steps up the pace of expansion

8. TC/RC falls to an eight-year low

9. The new standard for copper scrap was submitted in November, and it is expected that the new standard will coexist with the approval document temporarily

10. Copper fabrication enterprises start the mode of domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions

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Lead & Zinc

1. Major companies conduct acquisition

2. “Lead and Zinc Industry Standard Conditions” is revised

3. Policies to promote standardized recycling of waste LAB

4. Industrial standard is launched, and zinc oxide trade may restore gradually

5. Industrial structure of secondary lead is reshaped

6.Zinc output hits new high thanks to higher profit

7.The frequent international trade disputes affect consumption

8.New progresses are made in lead and zinc resource development and international cooperation


1. Indonesia announces a ban on nickel ore exports starting in 2020

2. Stainless steel futures was formally listed on SHFE

3. MOFCOM releases final ruling on anti-dumping investigation against the imports of stainless steel originating in the EU, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Indonesia

4. The 60th Anniversary of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd

5. Reintegration plan of HOROC was passed

6. Chengtun Group to construct a 34ktpy of high Ni matte project

7. Indonesia JNMC WP & RKA project is completed for production

8. Lygend HPAL project in OBI Island makes great progress

9. Vale restarts Onca Puma nickel mine operation in Brazil

10. More nickel mine projects restart in Australia as nickel prices pick up

1. The State has issued a number of policies to standardize and support the development of the magnesium industry.
--The Raw Materials Industry Department of the MIIT organized a workshop on the revision of the Magnesium Industry Code and conducted research --"High performance magnesium alloy and its products" are listed in the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Directory (2019 edition) "
-- Magnesium alloy wheels and non-rare-earth high-performance magnesium alloy extrusion materials were selected in the first batch application demonstration guide catalogue of key new materials (2019 edition)

2. China Magnesium Association to strengthen trade exchanges, organize and host a number of activities
--"2019 Asia-pacific Magnesium Industry High-level Forum" held in Japan
--The 2019 National Magnesium Industry Conference was successfully held in Changge, Henan Province

3. Shanghai Jiaotong University has made significant progress in the field of magnesium-based hydrogen storage materials

4. The Magnesium Alloy Wheel Hub installs on Volkswagen's new golf was made in Changge city

5. Yunhai Metal acquired 100% of the shares of Chongqing Boao Magnesium Aluminum for 235 million yuan

6. Clinical approval has been made in the technology of high-performance magnesium alloy for fully degradable bone repair

7. "Magnesium Futures Variety Development Feasibility Study" topic meeting was successfully held

8. The scientific research presided by professor Wu Guohua of the Shanghai Jiaotong University was presented at the National Day parade

9. The magnesium alloy achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Metal Institute helped propel the Long March-5 carrier rocket to launch successfully again

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