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Antaike:Five-point consensus reached by key copper smelters in China

2021-04-21 16:48:29

On April 19, 2021, Antaike was informed that 15 backbone copper smelting enterprises in China recently held a symposium with the theme of promoting high-quality development. The meeting took deepening the supply-side structural reform as the main line and actively responded to the call of "double carbon action". Combined with the new situation and new problems in copper industry, the following five points of consensus have been reached after full discussion.

1. China's copper smelting industry actively promotes high-quality development. Copper smelting industry will unswervingly implement the new development concept, deepen the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and jointly promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries.

2. China's copper smelting industry should build a new pattern of domestic and international double-cycle development. Copper smelting enterprises should strengthen and improve the adaptability of supply system to domestic demand, break through the circulation blocking point of copper industry, improve the integrity of supply chain, make the domestic market become the main source of final demand, and form a higher level of dynamic balance between demand-led supply and supply-created demand.

3. China’s copper smelters will actively participate in the reform of the global copper industry governance system. We will adhere to equal consultation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, promote the improvement of a more fair and reasonable global copper industry cooperation system, especially the fairness of raw material analysis, inspection and arbitration, and strive to build a global copper industry community with a shared future.

4. Chinese copper smelting enterprises actively respond to the requirements of the national "Double Carbon Action", unanimously agree to increase the pace of adjustment of copper smelting raw material structure, expand the use of copper blister, copper scrap and other raw materials, and strive to improve the modernization level of China's copper industry chain and supply chain without affecting the output;

5. China's copper smelting enterprises will actively respond to the "China Nonferrous Metals Industry Self-Discipline Convention" and suggest the relevant government departments to strictly control the new copper smelting capacity and strive to promote the high-quality development of China's copper industry.


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