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Antaike Events 2023

Welcome to Antaike Conference!


Antaike organizes a multitude of conferences for metals each year. We work in cooperation with major Chinese and international companies to create events that will give you new and insightful view into the Chinese metal market and provide you with future business opportunities.


Conferences take place in different regions, not only in the high-developed cities in the east but also in those regions that are heavy in metal production. Our own analysts and other experts, among them high-ranking entrepreneurs from Chinese and international metal-related companies, hold presentations that deal with new developments, trends and estimations for the Chinese and global metal market.




No. Events Time Location
1  China International Aluminum Fabrication Forum 2023 JULY Shanghai
2  China International Molybdenum  Annual Conference 2023 JULY undetermined
3 International Bismuth Science, Technology and Industry Development Summit Forum2023 16-18
Hong Kong
4 International Indium Bismuth Germanium Industry Summit2023 16-18
Hong Kong
5 China International Silicon Forum 2023 September  Qinghai
6 China International Aluminum Week 2023 September  Yinchuan,
7 China International Copper Forum 2023 26-28
8 China Global Minor Metals Forum 2023 25-27
9 China International Nickel & Cobalt Conference 2023 October Shanghai
10 London-China Non ferrous Metals Report Conference 2023 October London
11 China (Suining) International Lithium Battery Industry Conference2023 November Suining,
12 China International New Energy· B New Material Industry Conference 2023 November Guangzhou,
13 China International Lead & Zinc Week 2023 14-17
14 China International Silver Conference 2023 undetermined undetermined