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Report on the Use of Nickel in Batteries

Report on the Use of Nickel in Batteries


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Table of Contents

1 Primary Nickel output breakdown

1.1 Primary Nickel output and breakdown

1.2 Nickel sulphate production

1.3 Nickel sulphate producers in China

2 Raw materials supply of nickel sulphate

2.1 Nickel intermediate

2.2 Nickel briquette

2.3 High nickel matte

2.4 Recycled nickel

3 Nickel consumption breakdown

3.1 World primary nickel consumption structure

3.2 Stainless steel

3.3 Battery

4 Nickel consumption breakdown in batteries

4.1 Nickel foam

4.2 Spherical nickel hydroxide

4.3 Hydrogen storage alloy

4.4 NCM/NCA materials

5 Lithium batteries using by industry

5.1 Vehicles

5.2 3C

5.3 ESS

6 Analysis of secondary uses of batteries status and perspective

6.1 Recycling and regeneration of retired batteries

6.2 Recovery and reuse of retired batteries

7 Advantages and disadvantages when competing with other alternative materials

7.1 Material availability and cost

7.2 Material consumption and performance

8 Changes in technology and methods that may change demand

8.1 High nickel ternary material

8.2 Silicon anode

8.3 Solid state battery

8.4 Lithium–sulfur battery

8.5 Lithium–air battery

8.6 Fuel cell

9 The regulatory framework governing the battery industry

9.1 The US

9.2 The EU

9.3 Japan

9.4 China

10 Issues that could affect nickel usage in China’s battery industry

10.1 Raw material availability

10.2 Policy and environmental issues



- Primary nickel output (nickel cathode, NPI, salts)

- Nickel sulphate production

- Recycled nickel used to produce nickel salts

- Nickel usage in stainless steel

- Nickel usage in batteries

- World primary nickel consumption structure

- World primary nickel consumption in battery

- Nickel usage in spherical nickel hydroxide

-Nickel usage in hydrogen storage alloy


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